Working through the 4 Connect.ed modules

Working through the 4 Connect.ed modules last night was a very interesting experience. I found the activities really interesting, especially the ones where we had to ‘pretend’ to be a particular person and had the opportunity to navigate around their profile and messages feed.

When hearing about the statistics about how long students today go online and use Facebook etc, this I found to be really sad. Why are they on these media sites for so long. One girl said she spends 2 hours on Facebook each night. How? What a waste of time..

I forget, but students today have always had access to the internet; it what they’re used to.

I love the short quote from Cathy O’Brien. One of ladies from the Module 1 video:

“Nothing beats face to face communication”. Its sad, but students today struggle with this type of communication.

As teachers, we need to be aware of our student’s awareness of cybersafety issues and how safely they behave online. We need to education them on how to prevent cyberbullying and if it does happen, how to deal with it. Module 3 I struggled with a bit, because this module was about how the school deals with cyberbullying. Not yet a qualified teacher, I wasn’t able to answer yes or no, but simply unsure. Something I will need to think about and take action for my next 2 pracs and when I do find a school to work in.

I have taken more notes from these modules, which I will file away and look at next time for my next several pracs – will need to look at these as I can develop activities which can include cybersafety.


Disturbed. Silly person hijacks a baby monitor….

I just viewed and read the information below the video about this person hijacking this person’s baby monitor. As a parent to 2 young chilldren, watching this made me slightly angry and disturbed that someone would do that type of thing. Our laptop (the one I’m using to type now) sits in our main living room area, is shared between family members and has a webcam but is only used for when we Skype our family down in Brisbane. Its sad that there are people out there who do these silly things and for what reason, I’m not sure, and probably don’t want to know. Silly people!

Using an Ipad

I’m still new at using Ipads. We don’t have one at home, and the first time I actually got to use one was while I was on professional experience several weeks ago. My mentor set up the program, but I got to manage the student’s learning and oversee their testing. For the morning session, students were to complete a pre-test for Maths. My mentor developed a set of questions for the students to complete, individually, by multi-choice. I was able to view all the students at once their progress, go into their account and check what question they were up. At the end, once all students had a go, the teacher was able to connect the Ipad to her laptop and into Microsoft Excel the results from the test would be visible and then could graph these details, look at the students scores etc. So for next term, my mentor could plan around areas that needed more attention.That I found incredibly interesting. Okay, you have my vote for Ipads there.

I just read from one of my fellow peers an article that they had read about Ipads being used in shopping centres to replace the playgrounds. Little bit disappointing that the shopping centre thinks they need an “Ipad Zone”. You don’t have my vote for that one….

Professional experience – done and dusted… Oh how I enjoyed it!

Last Friday, (the 19th September),I finished my last day of professional experience – I had such a fantastic time. I was fortunate enough to have 2 mentors, who are part time mothers, one working Monday through to Wednesday and the other Thursday and Friday. These ladies were fantastic. I was so privileged to have worked alongside of them.

I think the biggest compliment was when the teacher and I discussed ways which I could improve in the classroom, then later that day or the next she could already see the improvements – I was taking in on board her suggestions and they worked well in the classroom.

Reading through the blog posts and online forums I can see not everyone is sharing my enthusiasm, like my fellow peer Kellie

I found it interesting to see the use of C2Cs in action. One of my other fellow peers was looking at C2Cs.My mentors emailed me the unit plans and I was able to choose lesson slots and pretty much make my own lessons and have a look at what the C2Cs wanted teachers to teach. They were great, like David said, a starting point. I did use some of their ideas and changed things around quite a bit. I only used the C2Cs for the Maths and English Curriculums though. I came at a bad time for my prac – Aasessment time for the students. Not a bad thing, but I was at the other end of seeing the students finish all their ‘practicing’ and then doing the assessment teaching. I was able to mark exams, complete running records and spelling tests with the students. Plus, as a bonus, the school was having their data analysis meetings, and I was officially allowed to attend an all-day session with the Year 2 teachers and the Principal. Very interesting!!

I loved my time out on prac. It took my family and I at the least till the end of the first week to get things into some type of plan, but come the 2nd and 3rd week, we were so incredibly organised.

Practicing to be a teacher

With other family commitments and due to staff concerns at my chosen school, I have started my professional experience a little earlier than advised. 

What an interesting week it has been. Working along side 2 part-time teachers, both mum’s, having children similar ages to my own, it has been great. With NAIDOC celebrations this week, Thursday and part of Friday were taken up for these celebrations/activities. I privileged though to be a part of pre-maths teaching for my Year 2 students using Ipads. Now that was interesting. I must admit, I am very new to using Ipads, so I quickly put my hand up to ‘have a go’ and direct my students to a program which my mentor had set up and where we could get the students to complete the pre-maths test, therefore for the next several weeks and next term, we can use their results and analyse this data to see where the students are at and what they may need more assistance. Fantastic program. 

I have been practicing writing on the board this week. Being left-handed has its negatives! Practice, practice, practice. 

Looking forward to this week though. Its been great to finally stand up in front of the classroom and have my voice heard. Saying that though, I think I am starting to have the start of Laryngitis. Playing piano and trying to sing at Church this morning didn’t go according to plan..! 

Feeling overwhelmed!

It’s Friday… Everything is all finally arranged – childcare, the school where I’m completing my professional experience and just yesterday I was able to meet my mentor teachers. Yep, I have 2. I have been given a Year 2 classroom, with 2 part-time working mothers. Hopefully now everything will go smoothly and I stay connected and don’t stress out my family too much. I even had to go and buy a couple of “work” outfits… See what being a stay home mother for many years does to you! 


I originally started Assignment 2 basing my unit plan on a Year 3 class. I was originally told I was to be given a Year 3 for Professional Experience, however, that is not the case. That’s okay. 

I know what I want to put in my unit plan, it just seems that I have to add more detail to it comparing it other samples. Finding this part a little annoying..!! Anyway, I’m still plodding along. I know the assignment isn’t due yet, its just I start my prac next week and kind of would like this assessment task out of the way.. 

Here’s to the weekend!


Khan’s Academy

I found it interesting to read the article ‘critiquing Khan Academy‘. I must be honest, I got a few times while reading the article, and skimmed quite a lot. After reading the article, I went onto Youtube and search for Khan’s Academy Maths Lessons. Looking at the lower primary school area, I watched 2 videos, one Khan teaching basic addition and the other teacher basic multiplication. Basic Addition, Khan taught quite well I thought, however the multiplication one,  I would have been confused watching this one, if being taught multiplication for the first time.

These videos are interesting to watch. Khan has a one of those particular voices where you can enjoy to listening to them teach, but I would have to agree with a comment made in the article,

“The examples Khan choose are appeared to be selected at random, and are prone to confuse”.

In the article, it was mentioned that

“Khan’s videos reveal an ignorance of how we know students learn mathematics.”

Students have their own individual way of learning. I am unsure how Khan teaches lessons on his website, as I didn’t want to sign up for his website, but the issue of how a student learns is of main concern. Is Khan’s way of teaching students, the right way? Sure, it’s obvious that the lessons may be entertaining, but is he teaching students the right way?  What is the right way to addition, or multiplication? I was always told in school that as long as you provide problem solving with your answer, then that’s okay!